Finding photos by car license plate numbers in Facebook

Aston Martin DB5 pictures in Facebook search
Kernes’ escort car is parked near the 17th Kharkiv City Hospital
XKX77 series license plates belonged to the FSB

Why search for photos by car license plate numbers?

To figure out who parked in “your” spot or to find out where the president’s motorcade went. Collectors will be able to verify your creditworthiness, determining based on a photo that, in addition to the car, you have money to travel to Zanzibar. Criminals will get a history of movements even though Facebook removes geotags. The exact location is determined by the objects in the photo and comments on the post. For example, if a photo shows a gas station brand, you can find satellite and panoramic images of all the gas stations in the specific region in Google Maps.

How does the search by car license plate numbers work?

In 2018, Facebook created the machine learning system Rosetta, which extracts text from a billion public Facebook and Instagram images and video frames, daily and in real time. Rosetta makes photo search more relevant and enhances News Feed personalization algorithms. In addition to Rosetta, Facebook uses technology to identify the objects in the images. So, upon the request “carbon fiber wrapped car”, Facebook will search for the cars wrapped in carbon fiber, even if it’s not mentioned in the photo description. So, if the search by license plate number does not provide relevant results or there’s way too many of them, you can use keywords to find the image of a car.



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