War in Ukraine / April 7

Occupant losses

Despite the war, the ruble is getting more expensive

A phenomenon that no one was prepared for is happening in russia right now. After the start of the war, the official ruble exchange rate jumped to 121 per dollar. The unofficial rate is almost two hundred rubles. It seemed that the situation would get worse. Instead, the ruble has consolidated over the past month and today costs about 75 rubles per dollar. According to economists, the rise could be even higher — up to 65 rubles per dollar.

  • When buying currency — a commission of 12% (this is a lot).
  • Companies must sell 80% of all currency received.
  • Restrictions on international transfers.

$4 billion/day

Instead, Ukraine’s losses from the war are enormous. Daily budget expenditures — UAH 2 billion (about $ 65 million), and losses — $4 billion. This refers to the destruction of infrastructure, lost profits, losses of future GDP. Due to the war and the blockade of ports, the country has to cancel its export potential. Inflation rose to 13.5%. At the same time, the hryvnia strengthened. We will remind, in Ukraine since the beginning of war the course is fixed, but currency operations are strongly limited. Against the background of panic, the black market jumped to UAH 40/$, but today it almost corresponds to the official figure — UAH 32/$ in exchange offices against 31/$ from the National Bank of Ukraine.

Chart with known air raid alerts by region and known damage as of April 7

Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Dnipro region:

  • Missile wreckage falling, one person was injured in the leg.
  • A total of 21 strikes were made during the day on settlements: Kremіnna, Popasna (morning), Novozvanivka, Hirske (morning), Rubizhne (day), Lysychansk (evening). As a result of the shelling, 24 fires broke out in the residential sector.
  • In Orikhiv, 8 residential buildings were damaged.
  • Helicopter attack on Vuhledar. 1 person was injured.
  • Russian troops fired on the icebreaker “Kapitan Belousov”, on which there was a civilian crew, in the commercial port. There are injured, 1 person died.
  • Private houses were damaged, a woman was wounded.
  • 5 houses were hit. 1 person was injured.
  • The Center for Primary Health Care was destroyed, the buildings of the in-patient department of the central hospital, as well as an industrial enterprise, were damaged. In addition, private houses in different parts of the city were partially destroyed and seriously damaged.
Diagram of known Airstrike, missile and MRL damage and known child deaths

New laws

  • Ukraine:
  • [Support for the economy] By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, amendments to the Procedure for providing employers with compensation for labor costs for employment within displaced persons as a result of hostilities during martial law in Ukraine were introduced.
  • [Support for the economy] Amendments to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the issues of passing humanitarian aid across the border of Ukraine in terms of the possibility of registering electronic declarations have been introduced.
  • [War] The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the free and contract-free use of the National Telecommunications Network during the period of martial law and within three months after its end.
Diagram of known damage for Ukrainian infrastructure, indicated in $, million



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