War in Ukraine / July 29–31

5 min readAug 1, 2022

Day 159: The food deal seems to have worked

On the morning of July 1, Turkey announced that the first ship with Ukrainian food would leave the Ukrainian port. Later, this information was confirmed by Ukrainian high-ranking officials. A few days before, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy arrived in Odessa to personally assess the restoration of the port.

At the time when we prepared this newsletter, almost 10 hours had passed since the ship left the Odessa port: there were no incidents or violations on the part of Ukraine or Russia. A ship carrying corn to Lebanon is safe and sound on its way to its final destination.

The fact that the agreement can be disrupted at any moment was repeatedly indicated by the Ukrainian side. The fact is that on the second day after the signing of documents on cooperation between Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Turkey and the UN, two “Caliber” missiles were fired at the Ukrainian port. Russia then declared that it had destroyed the shipment of Harpoons. Ukraine stated that there was no military equipment and ammunition in the ports, and the Russian Federation did not comply with the agreements.

If the agreement works in full force, Ukraine will be able to receive an additional $1 billion in export revenue every month. Russia was also not left without preferences: sanctions on the export of fertilizers were lifted from it. Moreover, information appeared today that the EU and the USA will introduce relaxations for Russia on the export of petroleum products by sea: it seems that there will be no ban on ship insurance.

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Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Kharkiv region:

  • 2 missiles hit the central part of the city. The missiles hit a two-story residential building and the building of the Agricultural University, which is an architectural landmark. A 71-year-old man who was nearby required medical attention.
  • As a result of an attack, 2 missiles damaged the territory of the meat processing plant, there was a hit in the warehouse, a fire broke out. 7 products delivery trucks were destroyed.
  • Russian troops launched a missile attack on the territory of Kholodnohirskyi district, two missiles were fired. One of them destroyed a non-residential building, a fire broke out. The second one hit the land next to it. The residential buildings nearby were also damaged.
  • During the agricultural labor, a combine was blown up on an anti-tank mine left by Russian troops. As a result, the driver was hospitalized, the combine and stubble caught fire on an area of 60 m².
  • Russian troops shelled Oleksiyivka, Velyka Danylivka and Mala Danylivka, houses were damaged. As a result of the shelling of Saltivka, a residential building was damaged, buildings on Molodohvardiis’ka St were damaged as well, and an industrial zone of Kharkiv Tractor Plant was shelled.
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Zaporizhzhya region:

  • During the day, 48 cases about the civilian infrastructure destruction as a result of shelling by the Russian army were recorded. Novoselivka, Orikhiv, Temyrivka, and Hulaipole were shelled.
  • During the day, 13 cases of civilian infrastructure destruction as a result of shelling by the Russian army were recorded. Hulaipole was shelled.
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Mykolaiv region:

  • 7:30 a.m. — a hit on the territory between the villages of Dmytrivka and Solonchaky in the Kutsurub community was recorded. 6 p.m. — Shyroke village was shelled. As a result of the shelling, the fields caught fire.
  • As a result of the shelling, houses in a residential area were damaged. 2 9-story, 2 5-story residential buildings, as well as a 5-story hostel were damaged. Moreover, a pipe of the main gas line was broken, the power lines wires were cut off — as a result the microdistrict was cut off electricity and gas supply. The missile debris fell on the playground. 1 civilian was killed, 6 were injured
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Kherson region:

  • Russian troops Shelled Tokareve, Karjerne, Osokorivka, Andriivka and Posad-Pokrovske, airstrikes were carried out on Potomkyne and Bilohirka. As a result, residential houses and a car were damaged. Prohibited cluster munitions were used in Novovorontsovka and Osokorivka.
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Sumy region:

  • At 8 a.m. and at 9 a.m. the community was shelled.
  • After 3 p.m. — 12 shots from self-propelled guns at the Velyka Pysarivka community. After 4 p.m. — mortar shelling was recorded in the Bilopillya community. Artillery shelling lasted from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., there were 13 artillery shots.
  • Artillery shelling continued until 8:30 p.m., almost 50 shots were fired. Residential houses and power lines were damaged. 1 person died, 2 people were injured.
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Kirovohrad region:

  • Air Defence shot down a missile over the village.
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Odessa region:

  • Russian troops attacked the territory of the region, two missiles hit the quarry. Dry grass fires also occurred as a result of missiles’ heat traps falling. Information about the victims and injured is being specified.
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Chernihiv region:

  • 5:10–6 a.m. — 20 mortar hits on the territory of the Semenivka community, as a result of the shelling, the administrative building was damaged. Also in the morning 25 shots from MLRS and self-propelled guns were recorded at the territory of the Novhorod-Siverskiy community. The shelling repeated in the afternoon.
  • 6 artillery shots were fired on the border territory of the region.
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Donetsk region:

  • The Russians carried out air strikes on the town. A kindergarten, 7 multi-storey buildings and 27 residential houses were damaged.
  • The town was shelled by Russian troops. 8 multi-storey and 13 residential houses, 3 entertainment centers were damaged (1, 2).
  • As a result of the shelling of the Russian troops, the building of the bus station was destroyed, the nearby buildings were damaged.
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Dnipropetrovsk region:

  • As a result of the shelling, 6 residential houses and household buildings were damaged. In total, more than 40 shells were fired. Power lines were damaged. Incendiary ammunition was used.
  • The territory of the community was shelled.
  • 40 shots were recorded. A residential and a household building were destroyed. 15 residential houses, ~15 outbuildings and 1 car were damaged. The roof of an enterprise building on an area of ​​300 m² was on fire. 5 trucks were damaged.
  • The community was hit with 40 shells.
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